Rediscovering Testaccio



A Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the history and heritage of the Rione Testaccio

A central element of the Challenging Testaccio-project is the creation of a socalled Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). This SDI, named Rediscovering Testaccio, addresses the need for accessible information to support the management and research of the history and heritage of the neighbourhood.

One of the major challenges for the different researchers and stakeholders in Testaccio is to make use of different data sources produced by different historical eras and for insights derived from different research fields. Becausemuch of this information can be linked to a geographical location, a Spatial Data Infrastructure would be a valuable facility in support of their work. Already a lot of very valuable research has been conducted regarding the history and heritage of Testaccio. The purpose of the Testaccio SDI is to bring together and make accessible the information produced by all this research.


The SSBAR and the KNIR have asked the Spatial Information Laboratory (SPINlab), based at the VU University Amsterdam, to develop an SDI that can fulfill the following purposes:

1. make data about Testaccio available in the appropriate format and attune them to the needs of specific users and their research aims and questions;

2. provide metadata that enable scholars to identify and select relevant data;

3. offer functionality that enable scholars to perform the analysis and visualization tasks required for addressing their research questions and formulating innovative lines of research;

4. operate as a platform where Testaccio researchers can present their research results interactively;

5. enable future researchers to reuse the outcomes and models from the Challenging Testaccio-project as a point of departure for their own work.



Henk Scholten, Maurice de Kleijn, Niels van Manen (Spinlab), Chris van Aart (2CoolMonkeys)